Why Choose Readington

Why Us

We are located on a conducive, comfortable and secured space that leaves you with easy navigation, comfort and peace of mind. This space is surrounded by green florals, giving you the much needed aesthetics.

Our unique approach to learning can’t be overemphasized. We stand out no matter the parameters, running an effective blend of Nigerian and American curricula. This blend gives your child a national and international academic satisfaction.
This learning is enhanced in classrooms and facilities enriched by the latest in technology, providing a portal to the world beyond the four walls of a classroom.
All learning spaces throughout the school are enabled through E-notes and resourced with:
 interactive whiteboards
 laptops
 desk top computers
 i-Touch devices
 web cams, digital cameras & video cams
This experience is imparted by seasoned and experienced educators who have a broad mastery of modern class management and subject area expertise. Our teaching method is embedded in the principle of inclusion.

Fantastically, we never undermine the constructive effect of Sport activities that the pupils are exposed to, hence, our world-class stadium and 500 seater pavilion, which comprises of the following:
• Football pitch
• Race track
• Lawn Tennis court
• Basketball court
• Swimming pool
• Volleyball court
• Badminton court
All pupils have the opportunity of broadening their knowledge in these well-equipped laboratories:
• Biology lab
• Chemistry lab
• Physics lab
• Home Economics lab
• Intro tech lab
The various clubs are also not to be underestimated, as they help in boosting academic performance, promoting healthy hobbies, encouraging brighter future, improving life and social skills. Above all the vocational clubs, which teach life-long skills, which increase their employability and versatility.
All pupils graduating from Readington School have the following privilege:
• Being presented with multiple certificates School i.e. the SSCE Certificate, American High School Diploma & vocational skills certificate.
• Being exposed to SAT and other International examinations early.
• Being favoured to travel overseas for internship, volunteering, leadership and exchange programs
All these are supervised by a team of professionals tagged the management team. This team comprises educators who are experts in curriculum studies, educational administration, child psychology and Montessori studies.

If you want your child to be understood, taught, listened to and be ‘A Total Child’ Readington School is the place to enroll your child.