Our Teaching Methodology

We at Readington have embraced and also made the Montessori methodology our foundation which was designed by an Italian physician turned educator, Maria Montessori who spent many years observing and working with children. In the process, she built on some of the ideas of others who had worked with children, and she developed and refined her own idea, materials, and methods. Starting from 1900s, till her death in 1952. She developed an encouraging, stimulating program where children could learn the skills they needed to eventually become responsible, productive, independent, and loving citizens of the world.

We are unique at Readington because we implement the following principles:

The whole child approach:

We help each child reach full potential in all areas of life through activities that promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation. We make each child experience the joy of learning, have time to enjoy the process and provides the experiences from which children create their knowledge.

The whole child approach brings about growth in the child toward:

• independence and problem solving

• the enjoyment of learning

• the development of order, concentration, and coordination

• skills in oral communication

• respect for oneself, other people, and the planet

• responsible group membership

• self-esteem

The “Prepared Environment.”

In order for self-directed learning to take place, our learning environment, materials, and social climate are supportive of the learner. We provide necessary resources, including opportunities for children to function in a safe and positive environment. The teacher thus gains the children’s trust, which enables them to try new things and build self-confidence.

In our leaning environment, we have the following:

• schedules that allows large blocks of uninterrupted learning time

• space for personal, small group, and whole learning activities
• light-weight proportionate, movable child-sized furnishings

• identifiable ground rules

We also have a set of good facilities which is a part of the prepared environment.

The Montessori materials and teaching aids

We use multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting materials which facilitate the learning of skills and lead to learning of abstract ideas.

The materials used by the children are designed to allow them enjoy and go back to it repeatedly.

Our Faculties

We have experienced directresses who are not only teachers; our teachers function as the facilitator, role model, demonstrator, record keeper, observer of each child’s behaviour and growth and care taker of the environment.

They observe and provide opportunities for children to learn in an environment which has been prepared for them and always available to meet their individual needs.

Our Services

• Several extra-curricular activities such as ballet, taekwondo, maths special, public speaking, music, phonics, swimming, etc.

• Combination of different curricula including Montessori curriculum and Nigerian curriculum (universal) with adequate Montessori teaching materials.

• Periodic excursion to places of interest in order to make the children learn by seeing and doing and also acquaint them with their environment.

• Periodic fun activities such as musical & drama concerts, cultural day celebration, Christmas party & carol to showcase children’s performances.

• Experienced and friendly Montessorians (Montessori trained teachers) with good command of English.

• Involvement of parents in child learning through volunteerism, talk shows, partnership, family games, community service etc.

• Regular parents-teachers meeting to enable parents participate in child and school development.

Our Facilities

• A world-class school facility with clean environment.

• Standard and spacious classrooms with modern equipments and teaching aids.
• CCTV camera in all classroom and entire school premises.

• 24-hour electricity and air conditioning.

• Bore hole with water treatment plant.

• A well equipped play area.

• Swimming pool

• A well equipped Library and Computer room.

• Sick Bay and in-house nurse.

• Child friendly and safe school bus.

• A world class football field.

• A world class stadium.

• Portfolio programme which allow students to have a dual certificate on graduating from Readington School i.e. the SSCE Certificate and American High School Diploma.

• Early exposure to SAT and other International examinations.

• Thorough and rigorous curriculum.

• Opportunity for overseas internship, volunteering, leadership and exchange programs.