In Readington High School, we run an effective integrated curriculum called the Readington Curriculum (a combination of the American and Nigerian curricula) that seeks to form unique, broad, and stimulating learning experiences.

We partner with Oak Meadow to deliver the Readington curriculum through the use of Waldorf methodologies and other methodologies that suit the individual needs of our students.

We employ the pedagogy of Waldorf in developing pupils’ intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in an integrated and holistic manner thereby making the cultivation of pupils’ imagination and creativity a central focus.

Through the use of Waldorf, our faculties strive to transform education into an art that educates the total child—the heart and the hands, as well as the head.


The secondary program consists of Middle School (JSS1-3), High School (SSS 1-3) and an American High School Diploma class. The curriculum though rigorous, avails our students the opportunity of being academically prepared for admission into world class universities. The Readington curriculum offers classes in: Mathematics, English Language, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Computer Education, Physical Education, and exploratory elective courses. In addition, Nigerian subjects are integrated into the curriculum.

To attain this height, our high school students enroll in a rigorous college-preparatory program that leads to dual certification, that is, SSCE Certificate and American High School Diploma.

By keying into the stated goal of the Waldorf Methodology, Readington High School produces individuals who are able to create meanings in their own lives as this method is devised to be responsive to the needs of childhood, including allowing children to set their own pace and use their imagination and creativity.

This multi-faceted approach also helps students learn about themselves, their own learning style, and allows them to explore aspects of themselves they might not have explored otherwise.

In addition to the academic rigour experienced via many modalities, high school students participate in sports, music classes and many other extra curriculum pursuits leading to rich, well-rounded lives in later years.

Our students are surrounded by adults and classmates who support them through these experiences. The several-years journey that students have together is an experience that changes students’ lives forever, as lasting friendships are often built.

The ups and downs of the high school years are tempered by a close relationship with peers and caring teachers who educate, care for, and support students for many years.

When Readington students finally emerge from twelfth-grade, they move into higher institution with confidence, self-assurance and genuine interest in the world since they have a foundation built on care and compassion, creativity and confidence, thus, a fortification for the years ahead.

Students undoubtedly need this uniquely sturdy foundation more than ever, as they will be called upon in ways that we cannot even imagine today.

Enrolling your child into Readington High School exposes your child to a portfolio programme which allows students to have a dual certificate on graduating from Readington School i.e. the SSCE Certificate and American High School Diploma. It also allows an early exposure to SAT and other international examinations such as IGCSE.

At Readington the pupils have the opportunity for international internship, volunteer, leadership and exchange programs.

We are premiered at setting the pace in education.