How it all started

Our School Building Former Look! 

Our School Building Former Look! 

Readington School was founded in the year 2011. It started off as a merged curriculum comprising of the Nigerian and American curriculum using the Montessori methodology. The school offered education to children from the crèche to 4th grade. The school experienced a quantum leap and now caters for pupils with a population of over 200 pupils. Readington School now offers admission to students from the foundation class to high school level. Our campus which is located in Lagos started with 4 pupils, and has visibly grown in size and number with over 200 pupils.

The school still offers a combination of the American and Nigerian curriculum. Readington School is committed to creating an enabling environment for pupils to learn, and achieve their potentials irrespective of the colour, age, ethnic group or nationality, gender, race, religion, mental or physical disability.

Readington School is controlled by the directors who administer the overall operations and major running of the school.

As a school, we are proud of our achievements, and how far we have come, and we anticipate a remarkable growth and mind-blowing results.