As the proprietress, It is with great excitement and honour that I welcome you to Readington School. As you look around the website, you will see that Readington is one big happy family. Readington School is not only concerned with a child’s academic performance, but to also enhance our students’ intellectual, social, emotional and physical abilities. We strive to provide our students with education in a conducive and secure environment.

Readington School employs both the American and Nigerian  curriculum using Montessori/Waldorf methodology to equip the pupils with  excellent and outstanding output.

The members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching, put in their talent, time and resources to create an enabling environment with varying opportunities for the pupils. Our students’ exhibit unimaginable skills and talents despite their individual differences, which turns out to be a powerful and magnificent tool. Our students have been groomed and grounded to take on “The world”. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. This is what we prepare our students for; success.

Readington also provides a platform for pupils to accept, learn, and work with technological changes. They are encouraged to always be curious about the world around them, and not be afraid to ask questions.  I continually say to them, “Do not settle for less, take on the world and conquer it”.

Students have gotten admission into higher schools home and abroad because of their excellent performance in national and foreign examinations. They have always succeeded in external examinations; I have never had any doubt in my mind what the outcome of WAEC and NECO results would be.

Some of our pupils in primary four and five do entrance exams into other schools outside Readington School and they have excellent results to show. Students of Readington School represent not only themselves, but also their parents, peers, teachers, community and the country as a whole. Our students are our adverts. Take a look at them. We are building future leaders.

I applaud our parents for their continual support and encouragement. I will also use this platform to implore you to invest your time, money, and every other resources in your children; you will not regret it. I thank you once again.

Readington School operates an open door policy where parents and guardians are encouraged to approach the school coordinators on any issue relating to their ward.

I am sure we will have an awesome time together contributing positively to the educational sector in Nigeria and the world at large.

I welcome you all to Readington School.