A school has significant impact in shaping an individual’s life, therefore the role of the school cannot be over emphasized. As a school, our vision is to produce a total child through a creation of a stimulating and warm environment, where pupils can thrive in all of their uniqueness. We aim to promote positive mental health and to bring inspiration to every pupil.


Our Vision is to be a school of choice in Nigeria through our unique approach to education and world-class learning.



Our Mission is to discover and develop the potentials of every child through our individual-centered teaching approach.



‘Developing potentials’




Hard work

Hard work involves emotional and mental exertion. It is being diligent and putting efforts into achieving a goal. As a school, we promote diligence and the culture of being industrious in our pupils.



In every aspect of life, discipline is paramount. For learning to be effective, discipline is the key. Every child needs discipline to stay focused, stay healthy, stay active and have self-control. In Readington School, it is our mission to instill discipline in the pupils as a lifelong value.



Honesty is an important virtue in an academic and professional setting. Teaching our pupils to be honest is part of our drive towards achieving a ‘Total Child’. Readington School is committed to developing academic honesty in the pupils and inspiring confidence in them.



Readington School strives to create a culture of excellence, in all facets of our academic community. Numerous academic activities, health awareness, extracurricular activities, leadership & vocational programmes have been put in place for students to excel and soar high.


Service to Society

In Readington School, pupils are prepped to take on challenges that will lead to growth, and produce excellence in their future endeavours. We engage in community service and charity drives to encourage our pupils to give back to the society. These initiatives are aimed at inculcating a love for lifelong service to humanity.