We are happy to inform you that the Readington School Boarding facility will be starting soon. The Boarding facility will be available for pupils in Elementary 4 to High School 3 (age 8 to 16). It will be located in a peaceful and safe environment, in close proximity to the school.

The mission of Readington School‘s boarding program includes:

•   To instill strong and healthy life skills amongst all pupils

•   To provide a positive residential life

•   To enable pupils recognize positive choices.

•   To enable pupils make wise and informed decisions.

•   To enable pupils become motivated life-long learners.

•   To promote discipline as a virtue

•   To create a home away from home.

It is the vision of the school to see that each graduating pupil leaves our program as a confident, competent young adult who enters the global society as a productive and contributing member.

The pupils will be supervised by resident experienced faculty members who will be their housemasters and housemistresses. They will have the responsibility for the pupils’ social, academic, spiritual and overall wellbeing. The boarders will be assigned house duties/chores as necessary to ensure their all-round growth and social development. The pupils will be guided by the hostel rules/regulations and very high level of discipline. The pupils’ activities will be planned and strictly carried out with time schedule.

To cater for the need of all parents, our boarding facilities offer two residential options.

i. Full Boarding: Pupils stay in school for the whole term and will be going home for holidays and/or other authorized times.

ii.         Week Boarding: Pupils stay in school from Mondays through Fridays weekly and go home for the weekend.

Pupils will also be allowed for short stays on special request, with adequate notice, by the parent(s).

We believe this new addition to Readington School will add a great value to the total development of our pupils.