Welcome to Readington American International School


Our approach to learning and teaching is through our child-centered play and education. We have a fully equipped class.


Elementary school emphasizes responsibility & self discipline through the orderly classroom with prepared workstation.

High School

In Readington High School, we run an effective integrated curriculum called the Readington Curriculum (a combination of the American and

Welcome Back To School

We welcome back all our learners and parents, and hope you had wonderful holidays and a good rest, Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to all our new families as well as new staff members. We wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

Why Readington American International School

If you could, you’d probably spend every moment with your child, but as a working parent, you have to earn a living. Readington School recognises the importance of balance to parents.

The need to successfully juggle work and family life and to find a school that caters for the education, emotional and physical needs of your child that gives you peace of mind. Readington School provides just that…


Readington School has a formidable management team who are highly professional, dedicated and compassionate about their duties.

…Developing Potential.

Peace of mind! Your child is not just a number, your child is happy, your child has skills to gain at Readington.

The school motto is “developing potential”, as we learn not for school but for life, I encourage you now to make a personal visit to Readington school to experience what makes us so special. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to bring the very best out of your precious child.

Mrs Adetohun Ojo (Proprietress)

Dual Certification

Our vocational skill acquisition and classes is based especially on the practical or experimental skills that our pupils can utilize almost immediately after they must have been graduated. Carpentry, Tailoring, auto maintenance, medical assistance and other skills are all examples of those skills that are been lectured to our pupils through a practical task performance.

Vocational Classes

Our pupils can easily make a positive contribution towards a societal and community development and also become an independent person through our vocational education and training we offer to them. A graduate that have unique characteristics and can easily outweigh other graduates in the group is the type of graduates an employer of labor is now looking out for instead of those that just acquire only the certificate.

Readington school offers a wide variety of optional co-curricular activities. These activities are designed and balanced with academic curriculum for pupils that wish to learn beyond subjects. Our co-curricular clubs foster social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in pupil. It includes the following:

Readington School has quite a number of clubs to choose from. They are optional extra-curricular activities to help pupils discover new skills and interests. Pupils can participate in any of these activities provided the pupil is within the age range. All clubs are coordinated by highly efficient and professional staff. See below the list of extra-curricular clubs we offer

Our Results Speak for themselves!

This experiment has paid off, and to all who have been involved from the first parents/students to our newest prospective members, we are incredibly grateful.

But we are not done yet.

We have more work to do, more instructions to follow,
we are open to your feedback to include in this missionary work. So please, share your story with us, share your experience with us and help us do even more in the months and years to come.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority

Our Mission & Vision


“Our Mission is to discover and develop the potential of every child through our individual-centered teaching approach.”


“Our Vision is to be a school of choice in Nigeria through our unique approach to education and world-class learning.”

1 - 3
Years Old
9 - 15
Class Size


Our Toddler Program offers pupils
an extension of the home environment.

3 - 6
Years Old
8 - 15
Class Size


Readington Primary Montessori school is a place where pupils live and work co-operatively.

Years Old
Class Size


In an increasing high-tech world,
learning computer skills is a priority.

10 - 16
Years Old
9 - 15
Class Size


Readington school has several school uniforms, The comfort of the pupil is our priority.

The Readingtons


At Readington school, the passion and talent of our people is key to succeed together, we share a common set of values rooted in success.

  • Hard-work
  • Discipline
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Service to society


To develop our students physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


To provide a world-class facility with clean environment for child development and learning.


To create home away from home for our pupils

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priority.